The Initiative

With "New Horizon Initiative" we analyze and visualize the different interests of non-human life in a landscape through the use of Artificial Intelligence. We show how an artistic practice can contribute to the imagination and position of non-human life in our human system. With "New Horizon Initiative" we advocate for the Rights of Nature and aim to include the interests of non-human life in organizational decision-making.

How does a bee see the landscape? What is the perspective of a tree? How does water perceive the world? By photographing these different perspectives of non-human life, we visualize different interests in a landscape. These images form the basis for a visual stakeholder analysis in which, by using Artificial Intelligence, we construct an ideal landscape in which the interests of all life is represented. The result of this visual analysis aims to contribute to strengthening a governance model that promotes inclusive representation in the boardroom.

Our thinking towards non-human life requests a paradigmatic shift. By showing the perspectives of the flora and fauna, this project provides an A.I. rendered visual stakeholder analysis to promote sustainable use of ecosystems and halt biodiversity loss (SDG 15) and to combat climate change and its impact (SDG 13). The current manifestation of climate change has made it clear that there is no separation between nature and culture. We will have to move from the current anthropocentric approach to an "ecocentric" perspective. The inspiring thinking of 'Rights of Nature' is the motivation for this project. 'New Horizons' is a method to help give non-human life a voice in formulating political and governing agency.