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Dutch Design Week 2023 – Eindhoven, The Netherlands

At the Dutch design Week, as part of Next Nature's Space Farming exhibition, we mapped out for the Embassy of Food how Dutch agriculture would look through the eyes of different plants and animals, such as the Montagu's harrier, a protected species with a special connection to Dutch fields. The landscape of the Netherlands is, in fact, man-made. But for whom?

New Horizon Initiative "Elysium Desert" was on display at Museum Belvédère in Heerenveen, as part of the "Regenerate" International Photo Festival hosted by the Noorderlicht.

With REGENERATE as its theme, the 2023 Noorderlicht festival brings together works that explore the changes modern society must face. Where people in today's world experience a sense of being displaced, regeneration means seeing ourselves and the world as built around reciprocal relationships that benefit all parties. Such a renewed worldview means that people (including their technological achievements) and other living beings within the world's ecosystems depend on each other for their health, well-being and survival.

Noorderlicht Festival (2023) - Museum Belvédère – Heerenveen, The Netherlands

As part of the Creative Climate Coalition we presented our prototype of the New Horizon method at the UN Climate Change Summit (COP27) in Sharm-El-Sheikh in November 2022. At the COP, we showed to politicians and policy makers what Sharm El Sheikh would have looked like if the interests of insects, reptiles, mammals and birds had been included in the design of this tourist resort.

UN Climate Change Summit (COP27) - Sharm-El-Sheikh, Egypt